Mistakes made in logo design

Since the logo will be the external face of a personal and legal organization, it is of great importance for individuals and organizations in every detail. As a professional designer, I sit at the table and start working, knowing this importance in every work I do. Since every detail in logo design, from colors to graphics, reflects the image of the company, even the slightest mistake can shake the prestige and damage the image of the company.


In the professional design world, there are beautiful and creative designs, but unfortunately there are also designs full of mistakes. Today, I would like to guide the young people who have just started their profession by mentioning the mistakes made in logo design.

Designing from Research

One of the most common mistakes is to start designing with only a few information presented to him without doing research. A study like this; results that are incomplete, sloppy and unfortunately do not reflect what the customer wants. While designing a logo, a designer should do his own research, examine the rival companies of the sector for which the logo is desired, and analyze the consumer audience that the logo will serve.

Designing an Over Complex And Detailed Logo

Logo; It should be simple, plain and understandable. When the name of the company or the brand is mentioned, the logo directly comes to mind. Many designers unknowingly make this mistake and unfortunately design the logo in a way that is too complicated and choked with all kinds of details. People who do not understand design or do not care about the power of design may not notice this complexity in the logo, and they may even like it, but for a designer, such works are considered a complete failure in terms of their place in the portfolio and design world. Fitting all the services of the organization requesting the logo into the logo causes the logo to appear complex and sloppy. Considering the logo as a signature, an image to represent the company at every stage of the design can make things easier. In this regard, the world’s giant brands and logos can be examined and inspired.

Using Ready Made Material

In order to create a personalized logo, every material (vector, graphic, etc.) used in the design phase of the logo must be original and created from scratch. Materials taken from places where ready-made vectors and graphics are sold cause the logo to be similar and detract from its originality. There is a high probability that you will see a vector purchased and included in the logo later in different logos and designs. If you are a person who loves his job and takes care, you should reflect this in your work. Being a professional requires it.

Using the Wrong Colors

Colors are the backbone of logo design. Wrong choices made in this regard, no matter how good the graphical image of the logo is, it pulls the logo down and provides a weak image. The effect of colors on emotions should be known and the most accurate color choice should be made by researching the sector and target audience for which the logo will be made.

Font Complexity

Designers like to use unique fonts and strong characters in their work. As a designer, I often get support from fonts in my work. However, the biggest mistake made when using fonts is to use several fonts at once. It is necessary to remember the plain and simple rule at every stage of the logo. When choosing fonts in text-oriented logo designs, it is necessary to limit the different font options to two. Using one or two different fonts is normal and acceptable, while more than two will make the logo look cluttered and unstable. A maximum of two fonts should be used for a strong emphasis.

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