3 seconds of love; packaging design

For design enthusiasts, I wanted to tackle an important topic today and I chose packaging design. Packaging design is like an outfit that sometimes gets ahead of the product, makes it stand out from its competitors on the shelf, in short, creates it. The more successfully a package is designed, the more it attracts its target audience.

Although the main reason for packaging is to protect the product from external influences and to keep it fresh, in the competitive market, packaging meets design and turns into an advertising and marketing tool. Packaging; While protecting the product from damage, bumps, getting wet and falling, it also introduces the existence of the product inside with its design and makes it say I am here.

Since it is the packaging design that makes the product speak, at this point the designer must be full of innovative and correct ideas. In the packaging designs I have made so far, I have tried to make designs that will bring the product to the fore, that will cause people to be selective in perception, and that will get ahead of competing products. While doing these, it is necessary to research the features of the product, its history, customer profile and competitors. Only after such a research can a healthy and successful packaging design be produced.

As in the “The Language of Colors in Design” article I mentioned before, color is one of the biggest factors in packaging design. Choosing the colors that will activate the emotions towards the potential buyer, and color analysis to guide the purchase will make the design successful. While the colors used can show the packaging lively, cheerful, warm and energetic, they can also show it in a way that spreads cold, negative and bad feelings. For this reason, the images, patterns, fonts and most importantly the colors used in the packaging design should be chosen correctly according to the target audience and should be combined with the design in an appropriate way.

According to research, the time it takes the consumer to make eye contact with the product and decide to buy is 3 seconds, and to establish an emotional bond with the customer in this short time and to make them choose you, this is the power of a correct packaging design.

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