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Color harmony in packaging design

One of the most accurate ways to convey the product and the desired message in packaging design is to use the right color. For example, chocolate products are usually designed in warm tones such as red and brown, a chocolate package with plenty of pistachio is highlighted with a green color with pistachio kernels, while black color is preferred for dark (bitter) chocolate. One of the reasons for these color preferences is to convey to the other party what the product is and what it contains, as soon as the first contact is made without reading the text on the package, and to awaken the feeling of purchase.

In packaging design, red color is preferred intensely in the food industry. Since red color is appetizing for people, red color is dominant not only in packaging but also in logo and signage style corporate designs of restaurants and fast-food chains. Of course, due to this perception created by red, it would not be a logical move to come to the market with identical packaging designs. Making competitor analysis, taking innovative steps always bring the brand and product to the fore. By using a completely opposite color, you can make a new product have an impact on people in a short time, these are purely a marketing strategy.

It is very important to use the right colors when designing packaging. For example, if you prepare a red label design on a water bottle, the red color will make you feel warm, unlike the cold and fresh feeling that the blue color gives. Therefore, using colors in the right place and in the right ratio has a high impact on the success or failure of the product in sales.


The main purpose of packaging is to protect the product and increase its shelf life. The second and commercial purpose is to show the product to the consumer, to introduce its content, to ensure that it is requested and bought. Therefore, the packaging should consist of both quality materials and visually “I am here!” it should appeal to the consumer.

The main reason for that brief moment that stops you abruptly while walking in a market aisle and perhaps causes you to examine a product you have not used before is the design or colors of the packaging. The first five seconds are important for the packaging to communicate with the consumer. At this point, as designers, we not only use colors when creating the packaging, but also use our creativity to design a different, new and attractive packaging.

Previously, “How Should Packaging Design Be?” In my blog post titled, I gave information about the product – packaging – consumer relationship and mentioned how a good packaging should be. Although the main factor for the packaging is color, I must state once again that it must be supported by creativity.

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