What is graphic design?

Graphic design is the preparation of a news, announcement, campaign, advertisement or anything that is wanted to be shared with people in digital environment, logo, poster, billboard, packaging, magazine, promotional film, book, cartoon, press announcement or corporate identity design. .

Graphic designers, on the other hand, are people who can benefit from the latest technologies brought by the age, think creatively and practically, convey their ideas with artistic lines, use their imagination and use colors well while doing all the works listed above.


The business spectrum of graphic design includes many things from posters to information and warning signs, from corporate identity designs to commercials, from book and magazine designs to brochure design. Graphic design is a visual communication art that has increased its influence especially in the last ten years and its importance has been grasped.

Among the purposes of graphic design is to attract the attention of the audience and to keep this interest alive by using colors and shapes in a remarkable way. Creative ideas and impressive designs play a big role in this. So what does a graphic designer do?

Graphic designer;

It collects detailed information and data by conducting a detailed research on the subject to be designed. If necessary, it conducts interviews with its customers and other experts in the field.
It creates a main theme about the design subject alone or within the advertising agency and determines the concepts that can be worked on.
It makes a detailed visual scan on these concepts and designs appropriate visuals for these concepts.
If photography or film shooting is required, the art director contributes with its identity and reflects the aesthetic concern here. Supervises film and photo shoots when necessary.
It follows the process of a promotional campaign from the idea stage to the publication process, which includes the design, printing, publication and results.

Also a graphic designer;

Must have the ability to distinguish differences in time and space.
He should be good with shapes and colors and be able to use them in the most appropriate places.
He should have a creative mind and reflect his imagination to his work.
They should be able to express their ideas with artistic design and lines.
Related to art and psychology, sociology etc. as well as social sciences.
It should be innovative, contemporary and free-thinking, and should follow technological developments.

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