The importance of branding

Branding; It is a general concept given to the process of gaining identity and status of a product, company, person or organization. What is necessary for a product or organization to take its place in the current market is the name, hence the brand. All of the design processes such as logo works and image works are to prepare the ground for the corporate identity and to complete the branding process of the product/organization.

In order to gain a solid place in the market and reach the target audience, a systematic branding work is required. The logo that will represent the product, the bulletins that will introduce the company, all the visual works that will take place in the perception of the target audience include the steps to be taken on the way to branding. In all the projects I have done and participated in, I carry out special studies for the company and the product so that the branding process can be of high quality and result-oriented. These special studies; It could be a logo, slogan, advertising jingle, custom packaging products, or a company ritual. When we examine world brands, it is possible to see names that have managed to become a brand with only one color and one graphic. So, is branding that easy? Of course not. Sometimes it is possible to become a brand with just a slogan, but until this stage, many important processes that consumers see or do not see are carried out by the company with P&R studies. It’s never enough to just create a solid logo or make an impressive commercial to build a brand. It is ideas and practices that underpin all this and bring it to the desired level. Every idea created, every work put into practice has different effects on consumers. Social responsibility projects, charity events, special campaigns for the target audience and even the attitude of the brand towards the environment and sectoral developments in the world can directly affect the brand process.

The most important effect of branding on consumers lies in creating the perception of useful product = brand product. People sweat to buy the product they need from a brand they know. In this sense, logos and promotions, which are the visual face of the brand, are important. With simple and catchy logos, it is possible to gain a place in the minds of consumers more easily during the branding process.


My professional opinion; While creating a brand, slow and sure steps should be taken. First, studies should be done on the visible face of the company and then effective moves should be made by using the resources correctly in order to gain a place in the global market.

Business Card Design

The place of business cards, which we can describe as having a small impact, is indisputable in the business world. Business cards, which are mostly ignored in the business plan or not made at all, should be among the fixtures that should be present from the moment of birth of the business.

You need an identity to be recognized in the sector and to exist in the market with the work you do, the organization you set up. For this, in addition to logo, brand and corporate work, one of the priority steps is business cards. The business card is the most important tool that will reflect your identity from the very beginning. Even a business card thrown on the floor when necessary becomes an advertisement, it turns into a business. Why should business card designs be sloppy when the business card is so important and its impact in the business world is so great? As a designer, I believe that a business card should be made and made, as well as a well-designed business card. In particular, people who work with creative intelligence such as art, design and advertising need attractive and eye-catching business card designs.

There is something like this about business card design; ready template business cards! Ready-made business card designs are what the entrepreneur, operator, brand owner, artist, designer, in short, every business person should stay away from. Because it is difficult to stand out in the sector with business card designs that can be seen everywhere and even exactly the same. With your ready-made business card design, you only remind another person/organization. The main purposes of business card design; promotion and persistence. It is certainly impossible to do both with a template design. You can have wonderful business cards by paying small numbers for a business card design that says I am here. For such an affordable and stylish transaction, please go to a professional and ask them to design a special business card for you. As a result, in the market where technology is widely used and similar businesses are around, it goes through detailed design that will attract customers and make you different. As a designer, I realize a personalized business card, logo or corporate identity project and make a new difference to my portfolio and make my client stand out by being different in the sector they are in.

When you decide to have a business card made, do not forget to inform your designer and convey what you want specifically. In order for a business card to be successful, it must comply with certain criteria and consist of fine details. We can examine this issue in more detail in another article.


The importance of corporate identity

The more important the personal signature is for a person, the more important is the corporate identity for an institution. Corporate identity is a term used to describe a general and broad image work that includes many different elements, especially visual and auditory communication elements. Corporate identity includes an image work that covers everything from a company’s logo to its slogan, from colors to stand designs, from letterheads to business cards to be used by its employees, and which has become the signature of the company.

A corporate identity aims to explain the company’s aims, history, target audience, ideals, the products and services it offers, its position in the sector and its targets, in short, everything that can come to mind about the company to the target audience in the most effective and shortest way.

In other words, if the founding philosophy of a company is understood from its corporate identity and people can predict the stances and behaviors of this company based on its corporate identity, this corporate identity study has been successful.

A successful corporate identity work becomes one of the biggest shareholders in the success of the company. It reveals the sectoral position, character and image of the company. It creates a sense of trust on the target audience that the company addresses and ensures that they stay in their minds. It removes doubts about the quality of products and services.

One of the important aspects of corporate identity is to convey the characteristics of the company to the target audience in the most effective way. For example, a dynamic and innovative company can easily convey this to its target audience with dynamic colors, slogans and other elements to be used in its corporate identity. In addition, a company achieves success in its sector compared to its success in its corporate identity and becomes a memorable brand by separating it from its competitors to that extent.

Corporate identity studies, which have become increasingly important recently, are carried out by professional graphic design experts. All companies get professional help from a graphic design expert for their corporate identity.


If you want to stand out from your competitors in the sector, to deliver your products and services to more people and to become a brand in your sector, you should complete your corporate identity work and continue on your way with confidence.

What is graphic design?

Graphic design is the preparation of a news, announcement, campaign, advertisement or anything that is wanted to be shared with people in digital environment, logo, poster, billboard, packaging, magazine, promotional film, book, cartoon, press announcement or corporate identity design. .

Graphic designers, on the other hand, are people who can benefit from the latest technologies brought by the age, think creatively and practically, convey their ideas with artistic lines, use their imagination and use colors well while doing all the works listed above.


The business spectrum of graphic design includes many things from posters to information and warning signs, from corporate identity designs to commercials, from book and magazine designs to brochure design. Graphic design is a visual communication art that has increased its influence especially in the last ten years and its importance has been grasped.

Among the purposes of graphic design is to attract the attention of the audience and to keep this interest alive by using colors and shapes in a remarkable way. Creative ideas and impressive designs play a big role in this. So what does a graphic designer do?

Graphic designer;

It collects detailed information and data by conducting a detailed research on the subject to be designed. If necessary, it conducts interviews with its customers and other experts in the field.
It creates a main theme about the design subject alone or within the advertising agency and determines the concepts that can be worked on.
It makes a detailed visual scan on these concepts and designs appropriate visuals for these concepts.
If photography or film shooting is required, the art director contributes with its identity and reflects the aesthetic concern here. Supervises film and photo shoots when necessary.
It follows the process of a promotional campaign from the idea stage to the publication process, which includes the design, printing, publication and results.

Also a graphic designer;

Must have the ability to distinguish differences in time and space.
He should be good with shapes and colors and be able to use them in the most appropriate places.
He should have a creative mind and reflect his imagination to his work.
They should be able to express their ideas with artistic design and lines.
Related to art and psychology, sociology etc. as well as social sciences.
It should be innovative, contemporary and free-thinking, and should follow technological developments.