The identity of your brand; Logo design

Today, I will write about the importance and necessity of logo design through the eyes of a professional designer. Because I think there is a lot of missing information on this subject.

In general, the logo; It is one of the sine qua non of corporate identity that reflects the identity of your product or brand and conveys the perception you want to give to the other party in the shortest and most accurate way. It acts as the representative of the company or brand at every step taken on the way to branding. Personally, before I start the logo design, I do field research, analyze the competitors well, and also take care to draw the right path by concentrating on the main idea that we want to highlight.

Every small and big organization, from textiles to sports clubs, has a logo. Since customers often perceive the logo as a corporate brand, they tend to buy the product with the familiar and familiar logo. Therefore, the logo is not only a symbol, but also an important facet of branding. Like all professional designers, I am one of those who think that the brand-logo relationship is an inseparable whole.

One of the essentials for a catchy logo is simplicity and the right use of color. A logo that is unique, reflects the characteristics of the institution to be represented, and whose colors are compatible with the industry or product instills a sense of trust in consumers. Since each color has its own characteristics, the colors to be used in the design should be chosen consciously rather than randomly. It is not a very professional approach to choose random or popular colors, since every detail in logo design has its own importance and what makes the logo stand out is the originality and colors of the design. I suggest using a color chosen according to its meaning, in addition to a pattern, motif, symbol, etc., representing the corporate company, for those who want suggestions in person. I intend to discuss this subject in more detail in my next post.

Since branding and logo are indispensable elements today, catchy and creative logo design is a subject that is accepted by everyone and receives the necessary sensitivity. Since branding and logo are indispensable elements today, catchy and creative logo design is a subject that is accepted by everyone and receives the necessary sensitivity. All these are the details that reveal the importance of logo design.


The importance of branding

Branding; It is a general concept given to the process of gaining identity and status of a product, company, person or organization. What is necessary for a product or organization to take its place in the current market is the name, hence the brand. All of the design processes such as logo works and image works are to prepare the ground for the corporate identity and to complete the branding process of the product/organization.

In order to gain a solid place in the market and reach the target audience, a systematic branding work is required. The logo that will represent the product, the bulletins that will introduce the company, all the visual works that will take place in the perception of the target audience include the steps to be taken on the way to branding. In all the projects I have done and participated in, I carry out special studies for the company and the product so that the branding process can be of high quality and result-oriented. These special studies; It could be a logo, slogan, advertising jingle, custom packaging products, or a company ritual. When we examine world brands, it is possible to see names that have managed to become a brand with only one color and one graphic. So, is branding that easy? Of course not. Sometimes it is possible to become a brand with just a slogan, but until this stage, many important processes that consumers see or do not see are carried out by the company with P&R studies. It’s never enough to just create a solid logo or make an impressive commercial to build a brand. It is ideas and practices that underpin all this and bring it to the desired level. Every idea created, every work put into practice has different effects on consumers. Social responsibility projects, charity events, special campaigns for the target audience and even the attitude of the brand towards the environment and sectoral developments in the world can directly affect the brand process.

The most important effect of branding on consumers lies in creating the perception of useful product = brand product. People sweat to buy the product they need from a brand they know. In this sense, logos and promotions, which are the visual face of the brand, are important. With simple and catchy logos, it is possible to gain a place in the minds of consumers more easily during the branding process.


My professional opinion; While creating a brand, slow and sure steps should be taken. First, studies should be done on the visible face of the company and then effective moves should be made by using the resources correctly in order to gain a place in the global market.

The importance of corporate identity

The more important the personal signature is for a person, the more important is the corporate identity for an institution. Corporate identity is a term used to describe a general and broad image work that includes many different elements, especially visual and auditory communication elements. Corporate identity includes an image work that covers everything from a company’s logo to its slogan, from colors to stand designs, from letterheads to business cards to be used by its employees, and which has become the signature of the company.

A corporate identity aims to explain the company’s aims, history, target audience, ideals, the products and services it offers, its position in the sector and its targets, in short, everything that can come to mind about the company to the target audience in the most effective and shortest way.

In other words, if the founding philosophy of a company is understood from its corporate identity and people can predict the stances and behaviors of this company based on its corporate identity, this corporate identity study has been successful.

A successful corporate identity work becomes one of the biggest shareholders in the success of the company. It reveals the sectoral position, character and image of the company. It creates a sense of trust on the target audience that the company addresses and ensures that they stay in their minds. It removes doubts about the quality of products and services.

One of the important aspects of corporate identity is to convey the characteristics of the company to the target audience in the most effective way. For example, a dynamic and innovative company can easily convey this to its target audience with dynamic colors, slogans and other elements to be used in its corporate identity. In addition, a company achieves success in its sector compared to its success in its corporate identity and becomes a memorable brand by separating it from its competitors to that extent.

Corporate identity studies, which have become increasingly important recently, are carried out by professional graphic design experts. All companies get professional help from a graphic design expert for their corporate identity.


If you want to stand out from your competitors in the sector, to deliver your products and services to more people and to become a brand in your sector, you should complete your corporate identity work and continue on your way with confidence.