The subtleties of packaging design

Packaging design is one of the subjects that have been studied for many years. With the development of technology, packaging design has also become digital like everything else and has received its share of the blessings of technology. Depending on the results of the research conducted by the survey companies on different sectors, the level of competition and the analysis of the needs, changes are made in the packaging designs from time to time. Because the packaging of a product can be ahead of its competitors with its colour, texture, appearance, shape and even smell. As a matter of fact, packaging design is one of the factors that greatly affect the sales of a product.


Attention has been drawn to the importance of packaging design in our country in recent years, and many companies have started to receive professional support for their products in this regard.

Color is one of the most important choices to be made during packaging design. Using colors that will reflect the originality of the product, the difference between it and the product’s unique character is a good way to stay in the mind of the target audience. The logo, if any, should be placed nicely on the packaging. The colors, symbols and general form of the packaging should be detailed in detail. Color and design are the things that attract the attention of the consumer, take the product in his hands and start to examine it more closely.

After color, typography is the second element to be considered during packaging design. The font should reflect the character of the product and contain originality. Therefore, the font should be carefully selected, the choice of characters should be in harmony with the product and understandable. Then, the content of the articles should be strengthened and the consumer should be encouraged to buy this product. The selection of appropriate typography for packaging design varies according to the product to be designed, the features of this product, the issues that need to be addressed in the sector and the current expectations of the target audience to be addressed.

In general, packaging design revolves around the triangle of harmony, originality and attractiveness. Packaging designs that are successful in terms of these three concepts are loved and preferred by consumers. Therefore, getting support for packaging design from a professional who is knowledgeable about the content of these concepts will be the most beneficial for you and your product and will affect you and your product positively.

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