Correct packaging design

Packaging design is one of the most basic elements that sell the product. When we look at the market, we see many brands, almost every brand produces products of similar quality in the sector it produces. We see these products on the shelves with different brands and packaging designs, and generally we choose the product of the brand we know, know and trust.

A new brand that wants to destroy all these shopping behaviors must find a way to stand out from the others in every detail. So how? With packaging design, advertising and promotion services, campaigns and many other methods. When it is considered, the last thing that stays in mind or the only thing that takes place in the minds is the visual of the product, namely the packaging design, since all the work done directs the product. In this way, it is possible to see that packaging design is important and is among the basic elements. Well, how should a successful packaging design be? What should a good packaging design offer to the target audience? Let’s examine it based on my sectoral experience;

Packaging should communicate with the customer.

All graphics and text messages on the packaging should communicate to the customer, creating the image that I am here, come and get me. Engaging with the target audience directly affects the sale of the product. In my designs, most of the time, I ask myself the question of what would attract my attention and buy it. The answers form the basis of my design.

The design should not be boring and monotonous.

Innovative and impressive designs should be preferred in packaging designs in line with the boundaries drawn by brand managers. For example, the smiling faces in the new generation chips packs invite people to have fun on their own. New designs that are suitable for the features of this and similar product, that can affect the target audience and attract their attention will always take your brand one step higher.

Custom packaging is a big plus.

When designing packaging, I like to personally examine the current product and look at its equivalents. I can say that this not only allows me to get to know the product, but also signals the way I should go by getting to know the competitors about the design and form. Apart from the packaging design, it is a huge plus that the packaging form is special and unique. For example, Eti Puff packaging, such as the bottle form that has become a brand of coke for years… Creating a unique packaging form suitable for your product in different forms within your budget, before or at the same time as the design, will contribute to your brand and prestige as a great value and plus.

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